Solar Roads Pilot Run in South Central British Columbia
Call for participation
•  ​Solar Roads Pilot Run begins with South Central BC, Canada, including          Kelowna, Kamloops, Merritt, Penticton, Vernon, Salmon Arm, and the
     surrounding areas.

• The Pilot Run consists of Engineering Trials and Commercial Trials, with
     Thomson Rivers University Campus as the first milestone in 2016.

•  We invite universities, colleges, and schools in this area to participate in  
     Engineering Trial on their campuses.

• We invite businesses, road and infrastructure developers and service  
     providers, cities, towns, and communities in this area to participate in  
    Commercial Trial.

• We also invite individuals to experience the excitement that solar roads
    will bring to their homes and families.

Solar Roads bring local communities of South Central BC with values, jobs, and opportunities.

Homes, ranches, private resorts…

Municipals, towns, communities…

Developers & service providers

Colleges & schools

On-campus solar roads: sidewalks, patios, bike paths, playgrounds, recreational trails…
To popularize students’ and public’s awareness of ubiquitous clean energy solutions
Power on-campus facilities with solar electricity
Harvest solar energy on your own private lands: driveways, patios and balconies, paths and trails, courtyards…
Power your off-grid villa or ranches with sustainable solar power
Save you utility bills
Public plazas, sidewalks, driveways, bike paths, playgrounds, recreational trails…
Power public service facilities with solar roads (ubiquitous charging piles, plug-ins, lights, signals…)
Off-grid small communities
New job opportunities
Commercial plazas, motels, shopping malls, parking lots, real estate projects, communities…
Power on-site services (charging piles and plug-ins, lights, facilities)
Multiple value-added services

Build you own solar roads project
We help you work with grid companies

• Both FortisBC and BC Hydro
    offer Net Metering programs for  
    bill-saving model

• BC Hydro has also an SOP  
    program for IPP model (EPA)
•  We also help with solar roads-  
    based microgrid project for off-  
    grid communities in BC
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